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Learning & Training

As a company, we are always stretching ourselves to meet ambitious growth targets. We know that when we are pushing our people to go beyond their limits and giving them the tools and resources necessary to reach their potential, our people make Imerys unbeatable.

To do this, we need to train and develop our employees by giving them a variety of experiences and development opportunities. To provide these resources, Imerys has created Imerys Learning Center (ILC) and other programs designed specifically for Imerys’s employees.

Imerys Learning Center (ILC)
ILC is deployed regionally. Its main objective is to provide the means to help our employees grow by providing courses in core competencies that every professional at Imerys should have. These competencies are necessary regardless of the function, business or department.

Senior Leadership Program
A critical role at Imerys is General Manager of a business. We believe it is paramount to provide our potential general managers with the means to develop the critical leadership skills and behaviors to take on these roles.

Businesses’ training initiatives
At Imerys, we feel our businesses know best what training they require for their specific needs. We strongly encourage them to develop programs and set training plans to meet these needs.

Imerys Learning Center provides programs that cover common subjects which are essential to Imerys.
These courses are available in all the major geographic zones where the Group is present.

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Professional development

Annual appraisal, personal career development, etc. – we pay close attention to our employees' results and progress and we encourage them to move forward.

Forming networks

To function correctly, Imerys relies in particular on good communication between employees, which is why we encourage staff to meet each other.

Recruitment offers

Find the job which suits you.