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Career Development



Career Development

Imerys puts a lot of energy and resources in encouraging internal mobility throughout the Group. Most positions are posted on the intranet and employees are asked each year if they are ready for a transfer. Currently, 70% of the Group’s Senior Manager positions are filled internally.

Imerys fosters an open and honest environment where everyone feels free to provide straightforward and candid feedback in an informal manner. However, on a formal basis, managers meet at least once a year with their employees to discuss career goals and help them put together individual development plans. This individual approach helps to make the best use of the skills, the diverse and unique backgrounds as well as the individual aspirations of Imerys employees for future success.

Performance Appraisal & Career Development

Performance Appraisal and Career Development (PAD) is the common thread throughout Imerys that is used for all employees in professional roles. Each manager is required to conduct a PAD for each of their employees once a year and this standardized process helps Imerys identify and recognize the high performers within Imerys. The PAD in turn feeds the Succession Planning process, known as the Organization & People Review (OPR), which takes place across the Group once a year. This process helps identify high potentials, high performers and risks and opportunities within our organizations.

Information & Communication

Vacant positions are advertized internally, giving everyone a chance to apply. The range of training offered by the Imerys Learning Center is also widely publicized via the HR network and Group intranet to encourage employees to sign up. Employees are provided with information, particularly through the internal newsletter, giving them an understanding of the Group’s strategy and its various businesses and allowing them to find out about good practice in place at industrial sites.


At Imerys, the policy is “pay for performance”. The Group believes very strongly that its employees should be encouraged to achieve their maximum performance and should be recognized for it, in part, through their compensation. Imerys also regularly conducts salary surveys to remain competitive in the marketplace and strives to foster consistency among the divisions in the countries where the Group operates.

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Learning and training

The Imerys Learning Center teaches employees about the fundamentals of Imerys, allows them to develop their talents or expand on a skill.

Forming networks

To function correctly, Imerys relies in particular on good communication between employees, which is why we encourage staff to meet each other.

Recruitment offers

Find the job which suits you.