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Onboarding process



Onboarding process

New employees are integrated into Imerys by their businesses through an onboarding process that focuses on helping new employees confirm their decision to join Imerys.

Imerys believes that ensuring employees feel a part of the organization from the first day helps their morale, satisfaction and productivity.

Group Welcome Sessions

As part of the onboarding process, we offer regional Welcome Sessions for all new recruits to Imerys at regular intervals throughout the year. These Welcome Sessions give an overview of the Group’s many functions and businesses. They also allow newcomers to get to know each other and start building their network, as well as to interact directly with many senior managers within Imerys.

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Recruitment offers

Find the job which suits you.

Professional development

Annual appraisal, personal career development, etc. – we pay close attention to our employees' results and progress and we encourage them to move forward.

Forming networks

To function correctly, Imerys relies in particular on good communication between employees, which is why we encourage staff to meet each other.