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Employability & Social protection



Employability & Social protection

Employabilité et protection sociale

Reinforcing all our employees' basic skills acquisition and guaranteeing everyone proper social protection in relation to the local market are two of our key Sustainable Development priorities.

Employability and basic skills

Studies carried out in various countries confirm that adults whose basic skills are limited are more likely to find themselves unemployed, in unqualified jobs and with poor health and that they risk passing on their lack of skills to their children. At Imerys, these people can also encounter difficulties understanding the safety instructions displayed in plants.

In order to combat illiteracy, since 2006 the Human Resources Department has encouraged its divisions to implement training in basic skills (reading and writing) for their employees. Initiatives have also been carried out in England, Brazil, Thailand, South Africa and France.

Basic social protection for all

Imerys strives to offer all its employees social protection in line with local standards, particularly in relation to death and disability coverage. Each year, the Compensation and Benefits department analyzes social benefits schemes in place in a certain number of countries where Imerys operates. It identifies areas of progress and implements new schemes whenever necessary. Benefits schemes were optimized in China, India, Turkey and South America (particularly in Brazil, Argentina and Chile) and improved in Tunisia, Spain and Ukraine.

The Imerys Human Resources department’s mission is to ensure that the Group has the people needed for its growth and to allow its organization to improve on an efficient, coordinated basis, while complying with the regulations in force in its host countries.

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A unique core business

We create specialty products and tailor-made solutions for increasingly innovative industrial applications from our unique range of minerals.

A wealth of diversity

The diversity of profiles, backgrounds and experiences of our 16,000 employees is an asset which we are constantly seeking to develop.

Decentralization and Responsibility

Our managers have significant discretion in their decision-making. This allows them to demonstrate initiative.