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Decentralization & Responsibility



Decentralization & Responsibility


Imerys operates in around 50 countries and owns more than 250 industrial sites. These characteristics explain why it has such a decentralized structure conducive to action, responsiveness and well-calculated risk-taking. Transparency and acceptance of responsibility are the natural benefits resulting from these very specific imperatives.

Furthermore, the Group is constantly evolving, developing its range of products and services, adapting to its environment and improving. In this context, the spirit of initiative must be accompanied by a constant focus on teamwork, networking and communication with a very wide range of contacts, both internal and external. That is why simplicity, openness and strong interpersonal skills are also favored by Imerys.

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A unique core business

We create specialty products and tailor-made solutions for increasingly innovative industrial applications from our unique range of minerals.

A wealth of diversity

The diversity of profiles, backgrounds and experiences of our 16,000 employees is an asset which we are constantly seeking to develop.

Employability & Social protection

Reinforcing all our employees' acquisition of basic skills and guaranteeing everyone proper social protection are two priorities.