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Diversity is our asset



Diversity is our asset


We strongly believe that the many women and men coming together at Imerys, with their different backgrounds, experiences and cultures and working towards common objectives, will contribute to the growth of Imerys.

The main principle behind this approach is recognizing, respecting, and valuing the differences each person brings to Imerys. We believe that these very differences will allow the Group to be more competitive and more innovative.

Imerys has set itself the following priorities in terms of Diversity:

- Increasing opportunities for women in management,
- Increasing opportunities for more nationalities in management,
- Increasing opportunities for ethnic minorities in management,
- Increasing awareness of disabled employees.

This Diversity Charter formally outlines Imerys' commitment and responsibility in achieving and valuing greater diversity within Imerys.

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A unique core business

We create specialty products and tailor-made solutions for increasingly innovative industrial applications from our unique range of minerals.

Decentralization and Responsibility

Our managers have significant discretion in their decision-making. This allows them to demonstrate initiative.

Employability & Social protection

Reinforcing all our employees' acquisition of basic skills and guaranteeing everyone proper social protection are two priorities.