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Environmental Management


Sustainable development

Environmental Management

Our global presence means we must carefully control the environmental consequences of our activities. Thus, we require each of our operations to have an effective Environmental Management System (EMS) to identify and control significant environmental risks. We also insure compliance with local regulations and with our specific environmental protocols.


The mandatory EMS requirements are detailed in a Group-specific environmental protocol which includes eight pillars embracing the core elements of the international standards for EMS. The Eight pillars are : existence of a policy; identification of aspects & impacts; identification of legal requirements; setting goals and targets; appointment of a management representative; training; emergency procedures, and auditing.

An audit team monitors proper application of Imerys’ protocols and local regulations

We regularly conduct audits on our sites to check compliance with current regulations and internal protocols as well as to build a continuous improvement momentum. Our EHS Audit team includes Environment, Health and Safety specialists selected from our operations. The team conducts 30 to 35 audits per year. The schedule for the audits is defined according to a risk grading model that factors in criteria such as size of site, existence of mineral solid storage facilities and occurrence of environmental incidents.

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Consumption & Discharges

Manage properly water usage and limit waste production are part of our Sustainable Development goals.

Energy & emissions

For several years, we have implemented action programs to improve the energy efficiency of its industrial activities and reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

Restoration & Biodiversity

We strive to lessen negative impacts of our mining and processing activities on biodiversity.