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Sustainable development


Corporate Governance

With regard to Corporate Governance, Imerys complies with the recommendations of the AFEP-MEDEF Corporate Governance Code applicable to French listed companies.

For more information (in particular compositions of Board of Directors and the Executive Management), please click here.

Compliance and Business Ethics

Imerys Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (“the Code”) summarizes the principles of ethical behavior the Group expects from all of its employees, contractors, suppliers, and other partners. The umbrella principles set forth in the Code are supported by a series of policies and protocols applying to both the general conduct of Imerys and the individual conduct of each employee. The subjects covered by the Code include compliance with laws and regulations, protection of environment and human rights, relations with local communities and trade unions, workplace safety and health, diversity and equality, confidentiality, prevention of fraud or corruption, insider trading, conflicts of interest, protection of the Group’s assets, fair competition, transparency, and integrity.

The Code also requires that the Group respects high standard of transparency and integrity when engaging in public policy development through well-established and reputable trade associations.

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Our Sustainable Development policy supports the Group’s long-term strategy. Actions are guided by a three-year plan that sets goals for each of our areas of activity.

Environmental focus

We work to reduce our environmental impact and use natural resources efficiently. We control our activities’ impact on the environment.

Social Focus

Health and Safety, Human Resources, Ethic, and dialogue with our neighboring communities are among our main corporate social responsibility priorities.