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Sustainable development


Our Sustainable Development policy supports the Group’s long-term strategy. Commitments on safety & health, environmental impact reduction, human resources, relations with communities and corporate governance and ethics play a vital role in safeguarding the Group’s future. To achieve these commitments, every employee in the Group must support them through his actions.

The Group ‘s Sustainable Development strategy is reviewed every three years taking into account the expectations expressed by external stakeholders through local forums as well as signals from its customers and the markets where it operates. The SD Three-year plan is structured on the following key domains:

  • the social domain includes four axes: safety and health, human resources, communities, and human rights.
  • the environmental domain includes three axes: environmental management systems, resources efficiency, biodiversity, climate change and energy management.
  • the governance domain includes two axes: corporate governance, business code of conduct and ethics.

Goals & Achievements

To transform our commitments into actions, yearly SD objectives are settled for each material issue following the three- year plan’s goals. Progresses against these objectives are reviewed on a quarterly basis by the SD Steering Committee including members of the Executive Committee, corporate leaders and senior leaders from the operations. The achievement of these objectives reflects our macro-level performance. The SD performance is also measured at the site level through the Group’s extra-financial KPIs. Several analytical reports are developed to present these results for business review including a monthly safety report, a monthly headcount report, a quarterly energy report, and a quarterly environmental report.

Policies, measurement & methodologies

The Group SD Charter was revamped in 2014 to incorporate the results of the three-year planning process, and approved by all internal stakeholders. Under the umbrella of the SD Charter, the Group has established a set of comprehensive policies, procedures and protocols which are accessible to all our employees on the Imerys intranet. Several relevant SD policies are also available on the Imerys website.

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