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Proximity to our customers

Imerys is an essential partner in its customers’ performance and provides them with technical solutions which improve their manufacturing procedures, reduce their costs and strengthen the quality of their products. The Group is investing significant resources in research and accelerating the generation of internal growth projects.

A good knowledge of our customers...

Imerys provides its customers with tailored mineral solutions. The Group therefore makes it a priority to understand the expectations and technologies of its customers as well as their own customers. The wide range of products, expertise in transformation technologies and technical dialogue between research, marketing and customers (often combined with the development of solutions in the context of research partnerships) make it possible to respond more effectively to various applications.

... to develop portfolios of solutions

The Group develops full ranges of solutions for a number of markets. Imerys is a key partner to its customers and, for many of them, it develops technical solutions involving a multi-mineral and multi-expertise approach. This approach constantly stimulates the innovation capacity of teams, whose close working relationship with customers allows them to identify new needs leading to new ideas for solutions.

Advantages of Imerys solutions

More beautiful, more economical, more resilient, more environmentally friendly – that is what our customers’ products are thanks to our expertise and strength in innovation.
  • Helping our customers produce better and cheaper

Firing at lower temperatures, better insulated industrial kilns, faster and safer polishing, quality plastics using few petroleum products, walls built quicker and more economically… We help our customers reduce waste, consume less energy and fewer raw materials and save time.
How? Through a close partnership with them, an in-depth knowledge of their manufacturing procedures, constraints and priorities.
  • Enhancing everyday life

More opaque, whiter and glossier paper, better print quality, more accurate rendering of images, lighter or more matt paint, more translucent porcelain, tiles which are faster to lay in color ranges which blend in perfectly with their environment... We develop pigments, ceramic pastes and covering materials offering exactly the esthetic characteristics requested by our customers for their products.
How? Thanks to our unique range of specialty minerals, an in-depth knowledge of their properties and major industrial expertise.
  • Providing products which make the difference

Kiln coatings which are more resilient to very high temperatures for steel, cement and glass production, longer lasting batteries, floors which can be walked over millions of times, fire-resistant power cables, rubber caps with a reinforced barrier effect for storing drugs... We help our customers differentiate their products and improve their profitability.
How? By combining the properties of our minerals to add more value – comfort and longevity, robustness and lightness, cost and duration of use.
  • Preserving health and the environment

Healthy and well-insulated houses thanks to the natural qualities of terracotta, supplied with solar power from photovoltaic tiles, abundant harvests thanks to films which capture the heat better, energy-efficient porcelain manufactured at a lower temperature, waste storage completely sealed using kaolinitic clay, diatomite to absorb mercury contained in domestic or industrial effluent… We offer solutions which protect health and are environmentally friendly.
How? By working and innovating from a Sustainable Development perspective to help our customers in their approach and reduce the environmental impact of our activities.

Imerys is based in over 50 countries and has 250 industrial sites.

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Large, high quality reserves

Imerys draws on world-class mining assets when upstream integration is identified as being essential to the quality of products.

Expertise in geology and mining

Imerys’s rare resources require high-level geological expertise to identify, secure and develop them.

Optimized industrial tool

In order to adapt its minerals to precise industrial applications, Imerys requires expertise and complex industrial processes.