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An optimized industrial tool


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An optimized industrial tool

In order to adapt its minerals to precise industrial applications, Imerys transforms them to obtain the desired properties. This transformation requires expertise and complex industrial processes which are often exclusive and constantly optimized. This makes it possible to adapt all the Group’s activities to changes in its markets, to keep its overheads under control and to increase its flexibility and competitiveness.

Making the most of mineral assets

Imerys has an in-depth knowledge of the specific properties of each mineral in its various qualities, as well as its most suitable applications. The refining and transformation tools used to purify and adapt the minerals to precise industrial applications are adjusted to work best with a particular quality of reserve. Imerys has developed numerous exclusive procedures, technologies and products which need protecting. In particular, the Group has cutting-edge expertise in grinding, particle classification, surface chemistry, suspension rheology, calcination and high-temperature fusion. On an industrial scale, this expertise makes it possible to obtain the purity, dimension, shape or structure of particles most likely to have the desired properties for a given application.

Expansion of the industrial base

By expanding its product and market portfolio, the various acquisitions carried out in recent years have enabled Imerys to become the world leader in mineral solutions for the industry it is today.

Improving processes’ energy efficiency

Coordinated management of energy consumption, targeted investments and the development of energy and carbon action plans by operational units allow a larger proportion of alternatives energy sources to be used.

Incorporating operational excellence in a proactive Sustainable Development approach

Safety of operators and local communities, future restoration of sites and environmental costs – these fundamental criteria, taken into account from planning stage, contribute to the selection of operating methods to minimize the impact on the natural environment. Aside from its local regulatory obligations, the Group believes in the sustainable management and rehabilitation of its sites for the benefit of communities. This demanding and responsible approach is the rule in all countries. It makes it easier to fully integrate activities into their host environment and to obtain new operating permits.

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Imerys is based in over 50 countries and has 250 industrial sites.

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Large, high quality reserves

Imerys draws on world-class mining assets when upstream integration is identified as being essential to the quality of products.

Expertise in geology and mining

Imerys’s rare resources require high-level geological expertise to identify, secure and develop them.

Proximity to our customers

Imerys is an essential partner in its customers’ performance and provides them with technical solutions which improve their processes.