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Imerys invests significant resources in research: 400 scientists, 8 main centers in Europe, the United States and Japan, and 25 regional laboratories to develop solutions tailored to each customer and cooperation with research institutes and universities.

An innovation strategy focused on markets...

Imerys works to increase its sales on growth markets and is aligning its research and innovation portfolio accordingly. Innovation is an integral part of Imerys's strategy and is a key element of the Group’s internal growth.

Generating internal growth through innovation is the role assigned to Research & Development (R&D) teams who design new processes, technologies and products, and to the marketing teams who keep constant watch over markets, their growth and the opportunities for the Group’s minerals. The starting point for the Imerys Group’s innovation approach is to understand our customers’ businesses and solve their technical problems, but also to meet their expectations and anticipate their needs.

... to improve the properties of our customers’ products

The minerals used by the Group deliver crucial functions to the products made by Imerys’ customers through their mechanical (wear and traction resistance, density, rheology), thermal (refractoriness, resistance at temperature, fireproof qualities and flame retardancy), optical (whiteness, opacity, color, mat or gloss effect), chemical (purity, conductivity) or absorbent/adsorbent and filtration properties.

The Group obtains these properties through a series of conversions that call on a number of processes, each of which requires a technological platform: grinding, grading, drying, calcining, sintering, melting, bleaching, surface chemistry, magnetic purification, flotation, as well as shaping processes such as pressing, extrusion, granulation and casting.

Constantly improving these properties to help the Group’s customers meet new challenges is the goal of Imerys’ innovation strategy.

Des innovations pour soutenir la compétitivité du Groupe

Innovations to support the Group’s competitiveness

Each year, Imerys introduces new products onto the market.

Quelques exemples d'innovation

Some examples of innovations

Here are some examples of products launched recently by the various business groups.

Imerys is based in over 50 countries and has 250 industrial sites.

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