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Questions & Answers

Directly registered shares

  • What are the advantages of directly registering shares?
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    Directly registered shareholders are exempt from all custody fees and expenses relating to the standard management of their securities. Any shares held in registered form for at least 2 years are entitled to double voting rights. The notice of meeting is automatically sent to you by post 15 days before the date of the General Meeting.

  • How can Imerys register my shares?
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    If your Imerys shares are managed on a bearer basis and you want them to be registered on a “managed” or “direct” basis, simply complete and sign a share account registration form and send it to your financial intermediary. Upon receipt of the securities, CACEIS Corporate Trust will send you a certificate of your shares’ registration in the corresponding account.
    If you are not yet an Imerys shareholder and want to acquire directly registered shares, you have to ask for the directly registered shares account opening agreement.

  • To directly register shares, do Imerys have to open an account with the bank CACEIS Corporate Trust?
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    The registered share accounts belong to the Company, which has appointed CACEIS Corporate Trust to manage its shareholders’ registered accounts.
    Consequently, you will not have an account directly with CACEIS Corporate Trust, nor the related cash account, as cash movements are in check or bank transfer form only.

  • Will my financial intermediary charge me for transferring my bearer shares to a registered account?
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    In accordance with Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) rules, your intermediary should have given you a contractual document with details of its commission fees and must strictly apply and rates listed for every service.
    These charges are usually low or even free. They should be distinguished from “portfolio transfer fees,” which concern all the securities you hold (e.g. if you change banks).
    Please ask your usual agency for information. The Company cannot take on any amounts you may be invoiced.
    You are informed that neither the Company nor CACEIS Corporate Trust receive any part of this commission charged by your intermediary.

  • How much does it cost to convert my shares to bearer form and transfer them to my bank?
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    Conversion to bearer shares and the transfer to your bank or brokerage are entirely free of charge.
    Your (written) instruction will be carried out within 48 hours (remember to include your bank details to speed up the operation).


  • How much was the dividend distributed for the 2017 financial year?
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    The Shareholders’ General Meeting of May 4, 2018 approved the allocation of the Company’s 2017 earnings and the distribution of a €2.075 dividend per share, a + 11% increase from financial 2016. .

General Meetings

  • How can Imerys attend Shareholders’ General Meetings?
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    If you hold registered shares, you will receive a notice 15 days before the date of the meeting.
    If you hold bearer shares, you should contact your bank or brokerage, unless you own at least 400 Imerys shares, in which case you will automatically receive a notice of meeting.

  • How do Imerys take part in Shareholders’ General Meetings?
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    You can choose to:

    - Attend in person
    - Vote by post
    - Give proxy to the Chairman or be represented by your spouse or by another Imerys shareholder
    - Vote by Internet

    Information on General Meetings is available in the Shareholders’ General Meetings section. [lien vers Finances > Actionnaires individuels > Assemblée Générale]



  • What market is the Imerys share listed on?
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    The Imerys share is listed on Euronext Paris, Eurolist Compartment A (Large Caps).

  • What is the par value of the Imerys share?
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    The par value of each Imerys share is €2.

  • Which form of share ownership should you choose?
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    Find all information by clicking here

  • What is the procedure to follow when you want to buy or sell shares?
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    Find all information by clicking here


  • Are bearer shares and directly registered shares treated differently?
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    There is no difference between the tax frameworks for bearer shares and registered shares.
    For the registered shares, the tax authorities have the same powers of investigation as for bearer shares (particularly requests for information on accounts).
    Share-issuing companies have the same obligations in terms of declarations as financial intermediaries.

    Information on the tax framework for your shares is provided in the Taxation section.
    [lien vers Finances > Actionnaires individuels > Fiscalité]

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