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Shareholders’ guide



Shareholders’ guide

“Imerys informs its shareholders with the utmost transparency.”

As an Imerys shareholder, you play a role in the decisions taken at the General Meeting and are involved in the distribution of profits. You also have access to information about life at the Company.

Right to take part in and vote at
General Meetings

Taking part in Imerys’ Annual General Meeting enables you to express your opinion on important issues relating to how the company is run, such as approving the corporate results, the appointment of directors, or changes to the articles of association.

Right to participate in the corporate profits

Imerys intends to share the fruits of its growth with its shareholders, and distributes over a third of its current net income on average each year(1).

(1) Net income, before other net operating income and expense.

Right to information

Imerys takes care to inform you at all times and as soon as possible, via its website, its annual report, and its letters to shareholders.

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General Meeting

How do you take part in, and vote at Imerys’ Annual General Meeting of Shareholders? Find out about all the requirements to fulfil.


Imerys’ dividend distribution policy depends on the net income generated during the financial year in question. View the dividend for the year in question.


Taxation of dividends, taxation of capital gains on disposal, French Wealth Tax (ISF), etc. Look up all the information on the taxation of Imerys shares.