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Resources Efficiency


Sustainable development

Resources Efficiency

As a mineral-based solution provider, Imerys is committed to optimizing resource efficiency in its mining and production processes. As part of this commitment, the Group makes efforts to reduce the use of water and minimize waste generation.

  • Minerals resources efficiency
The Group strives to improve yields and reduce waste through efficient management of its mining and mineral processing operations. Geology and Mine Planning policies, procedures and protocols have been implemented to improve quarries’ management and maximize the use of minerals. In addition, our industrial improvement program called I-Cube contributes to improving production parameters, including materials recovery ratios. Finally, industrial and SD innovation projects have been initiated by our operations to recycle and/or reuse the existing low-grade materials and tailings.
  • Waste management & recycling
Imerys processes minerals using methods that are primarily mechanical and physical. The Group’s activities therefore generate relatively small quantities of both domestic and industrial wastes. Waste management and statutory obligations on collection, storage, labeling, transportation and disposal are addressed in each site’s environmental management system (EMS). New actions to reduce waste and increase recycling are identified continuously during implementation of the “I-Cube” program.
  • Water management
Imerys processes minerals with minor impacts to surface water and groundwater. The largest water users in the Group have established specific water management plans, including a description of current water use, water balance analysis, water risk assessment and action plans to manage high priority issues. The operations located in areas of water scarcity have also established water management plans regardless of the quantity of their water use.

To discover some of our best practices in reusing, reducing and recycling waste, follow this link.

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Consumption & Discharges

Manage properly water usage and limit waste production are part of our Sustainable Development goals.

Restoration & Biodiversity

We strive to lessen negative impacts of our mining and processing activities on biodiversity.


Constantly improving the environmental impact of our products and processes is a priority for our R&D programs.