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Climate Change & energy management


Sustainable development

Climate Change & energy management

Climate change is one of the major global challenges. Imerys is conscious of the trend towards a low-carbon economy and has implemented key action programs and policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve energy efficiency.

The Group considers improvement of energy efficiency as the main lever for reducing its greenhouse gas emissions. The use of thermal energy in mineral transformation and the consumption of electricity for production are the two main sources of greenhouse gas emissions in the Group. To reduce those emissions, energy initiatives are driven collaboratively between the different operational functions: Industrial Management, Geology and Mining, EHS, Purchasing and energy. The Energy team is focused on improving knowledge of the Group’s energy consumption and carbon emissions and setting up and tracking action plans to improve energy efficiency on key sites.

Major energy savings have been done in key operations through the Imerys Industrial Improvement program called “I-Cube”. A series of standardized technical and functional documents have been developed to conduct gap analyses and define improvement roadmaps.

Finally, the Group endeavors to optimize its energy resources with renewable or low-carbon energy resources when feasible. New projects employing these types of energy sources have been implemented in several operations.

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