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Innovation & Partnerships

With ImerPure, Imerys joins the Springboard Initiative to help bring safe drinking water to developing countries


In 2016 Imerys has joined the Springboard Initiative developed by nonprofit global-health leader PATH through a series of project grants from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Triggered by the terrible situation of nearly 2 billion people on the planet lack immediate access to safe drinking water, the Springboard Initiative is a global open-source platform aimed at offering improved water filter systems to people across the developing world. Through this initiative, PATH researched and developed the fundamental design for a universal, effective and affordable household water treatment and storage system for low-income families that will allow millions of people to enjoy a safe water supply.

Imerys is the world’s leading supplier of filter aids serving the water, juice, beer, wine, food oils and pharmaceutical markets. Harnessing its mineral expertise, Imerys adopted PATH’s fundamental design principles and completed an R&D program, to develop a new household water treatment and storage system that contains a new high performance filter cartridge. This innovative filter cartridge, known as ImerPureTM, meets international standards. It has been successfully tested in the field where it has demonstrated strong user acceptability and has been shown to deliver improved water filtration performance per unit cost. ImerPureTM offers a viable alternative to consumers in developing countries where certain existing filter technologies are ineffective.

Already well-established in emerging markets, Imerys has invested in a production facility in Gujarat, India. The plant is scheduled to begin production before the end of this year. ImerPureTM filters will be marketed through partnerships with disaster relief organizations, social enterprises, nongovernment organizations and household goods manufacturers.

Imerys supports the Energy Challenge project and associates its name to Ocean Racing

Imerys, through its Imerys Graphite & Carbon and Imerys Roofing businesses, has partnered with a unique ocean racing project, The Energy Challenge. This project embodies Imerys’ constant pursuit of excellence in terms of responsible innovation, performance and human adventures, and the Energy Challenge is in alignment with our commitments to both the environment and education.

Green Innovation and Performance

Led by British skipper Phil Sharp, 35 years old with engineering background (Imperial College London), l’Energy Challenge est un projet centréThe Energy Challenge is a project centered on innovation and energy efficiency. A self-sufficient, CO2-free energy system will be tested aboard the Class 40 race yacht in some of the world’s toughest offshore events in 2016. Phil aboard Imerys will also attempt to break some world records and to achieve a zero emission non-stop global circumnavigation by sail, uniquely demonstrating the performance advantages of clean technologies.

Imerys Graphite & Carbon is working closely with The Energy Challenge project team through the development of lithium-ion batteries. Our colleagues’ expertise is contributing to develop the greenest, high performing and reliable energy system of its generation. In partnership with the Imperial College London, the Energy Futures Lab, and others, additional modules will be created.

An Educational Experience

The project also has an educational dimension. Sailing is an excellent platform to learn the basics of aerodynamics and physics. The Energy Challenge has established workshops enabling young people to explore these subjects, inspiring young learners into technological subjects.

Imerys is based in over 50 countries and has 250 industrial sites.

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