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Technical partnerships & sponsoring

Imerys supports the Energy Challenge project and associates its name to Ocean Racing

Imerys has partnered with a unique ocean racing project, the Energy Challenge. This project embodies Imerys’ constant pursuit of excellence in terms of responsible innovation, performance and human adventures.

Sustainable Innovation and Performance

Led by British skipper Phil Sharp, the Energy Challenge is a project centered on clean innovation and energy efficiency. A self-sufficient, CO2-free energy production and storage systems will be tested aboard the Class40 (12.19 meters long) race yacht in some of the world’s toughest offshore events. Phil aboard Imerys will also attempt to break some world records. In 2016, Phil Sharp brook the Channel crossing record with his Class40 boat. With his different technological partners Energy Challenge develops systems aiming at achieving a zero emission non-stop global circumnavigation by sail, uniquely demonstrating the performance advantages of clean technologies.

Improved renewable energy pack aboard Imerys Clean Energy will showcase accessible clean-technologies using Imerys solutions:

- a new biodiesel using CynerSorb®, a product innovation created by Imerys that optimizes the biodiesel filtration cycle. Produced by Renewable Energy Group (REG), the largest US supplier of high-performance biofuels and an Imerys customer, this biodiesel replaces diesel fuel produced from fossil fuels,
- abrasives on the solar panels installed on the deck offer anti-slip properties and increase the durability of the panels, Imerys Clean Energy's main source of renewable energy.

In partnership with the Imperial College London, the Energy Futures Lab, and others, additional modules will be created.

An Educational Experience

The project also has an educational dimension. Sailing is an excellent platform to learn the basics of aerodynamics and physics. The Energy Challenge has established workshops enabling young people to explore these subjects, inspiring young learners into technological subjects.

2018 races programme
Route du Rhum - 4 - 24 November
Round Britain & Ireland - 10 - 23 August
Drheam Cup - 21 - 28 July
Normandy Channel race - 27 May - 3 June
1 000 Milles des Sables - 23 - 29 April

Phil Sharp, racing aboard Imerys, wins the 2017 Class’40 European Trophy
Winner of both the Grand Prix Guyader and the Normandy Channel Race, and second in the Sables-Horta and Rolex Fastnet Race, Phil Sharp racing aboard Imerys achieves victory in the Class40 European Trophy.

Imerys is based in over 50 countries and has 250 industrial sites.

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