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Arts sponsorship

Imerys is a partner of the exhibition "Artistes & Robots" organized by the Réunion des musées nationaux – Grand Palais

artistes et robots

Imerys is proud to support the exhibition "Artistes & Robots" to be held from April 5 to July 9, 2018, at the Grand Palais, in Paris. This commitment reflects the Group's interest in creation and innovation. Through this partnership, Imerys pursues its cultural sponsorship policy by supporting creative talent. For Imerys, innovation is a state of mind, whether it is art or industrial excellence.

The exhibition "Artists & Robots" explores a new question posed by contemporary society to all artistic disciplines: that of the artificial imagination. Could a machine be able to equal an artist? Could a robot replace a painter or a sculptor? In an ever more robotic society, these artists explore new technologies, including Artificial Intelligence, which is potentially revolutionising human lives and even the conditions in which artworks are produced, presented, disseminated, conserved and received. Featuring works by some thirty artists, it offers a gateway to an immersive and interactive digital world - an augmented body sensory experience that subverts our notions of space and time.

Les Arts Florissants sponsorship

As part of its cultural partnerships, Imerys has also been supporting the musical ensemble Les Arts Florissants since 2003, thus providing its contacts, employees and students a privileged access to baroque music.

An ensemble of singers and instrumentalists specialized in the performance of Baroque music on period instruments, Les Arts Florissants are renowned the world over. Founded in 1979 and directed since by William Christie and Paul Agnew, Les Arts Florissants have also recently launched several education programs for young musicians, including Le Jardin des Voix Academy.

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