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Exponential growth in mobile devices and phones, device weight reduction: Imerys is taking part in the digital revolution. The Group constantly broadens its range of mineral-based specialties through sustained R&D efforts. The following applications have significant growth potential.

  • Mobile energy

The world leader in the highly competitive mobile energy market, Timcal offers a wide range of functional additives from graphite and carbon black powders to conductive linings for battery cases. Graphite is used in alkaline, Zn-C and rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries (see below), fuel cells (systems that convert chemical energy into electricity through a continuous fuel supply), superconductors and battery case linings.

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  • A promising innovation: the Li-ion battery

In rechargeable lithium-ion batteries (for mobile electronic devices and electric and hybrid vehicles), the Graphite & Carbon-based specialties developed by Timcal are used as conductive additives for anodes and cathodes. This makes the reversible storage of ions possible in the anode, an essential condition for power generation. Moreover, graphite and carbon black make lithium-ion batteries safer, more efficient and longer-lasting.

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  • Semiconductors

A major player in high-purity quartz mining and conversion, Imerys partnered with Norwegian Crystallite SAS* to create The Quartz Corp. The joint venture now supplies a broad range of innovative products for the solar power market. Its technologies are also used in processor and semiconductor manufacturing.
High-purity quartz is an essential mineral in the production of the crucibles used to cast molten silicon which, once processed and cut into very thin discs, form the base of a processor or semiconductor.

* held by the Norwegian group Norsk Mineral AS

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Discreet but essential
In its plastic shell, carbon battery and silica electronic components, a smartphone contains many mineral-based specialties.

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Imerys offers a wide range of specialties that improve products on the pharmaceutical, health and beauty markets.


From plastic parts to accessories and engine components, our offering plays a part in many of your vehicle’s functions.


Our specialties give every type of packaging the right properties in terms of texture and appearance.