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Expertise in geology and mining


The Group

Expertise in geology and mining

Imerys’s rare resources require high-level geological expertise to identify, secure and develop them in a way that is safe and profitable over the long term, as well as to ensure their renewal.

Complete control over management of resources

The wide range of needs and applications requires minerals of varying qualities and types. From the prospecting phase, Imerys makes a comprehensive assessment of factors affecting projects’ profitability, by establishing a geological model and determining an operating plan and possible development options using the most powerful simulation software… The expertise of the Group’s geologists and mining engineers is essential in order to construct economic investment models.

A global presence

These specialists are able to work anywhere in the world. This ensures that the Imerys group benefits from the skills required to identify and acquire the most attractive deposits, as well as mining and developing them under conditions which are profitable over the long term.

Constant tracking of resources

Imerys experts share their knowledge within a network of 140 geologists, coordinated and supported by a central team of around 10 people. In addition to responsibility for exploration and mining, they ensure effective and consistent tracking of available reserves and resources based on the most demanding procedures and regulatory standards. Results are subject to internal and external audits whose conclusions are regularly presented to the Executive Committee and reviewed by the Audit Committee.

Imerys is based in over 50 countries and has 250 industrial sites.

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Large, high quality reserves

Imerys draws on world-class mining assets when upstream integration is identified as being essential to the quality of products.

An optimized industrial tool

In order to adapt its minerals to precise industrial applications, Imerys transforms them to obtain the desired properties.

Proximity to our customers

Imerys is an essential partner in its customers’ performance and provides them with technical solutions which improve their processes.