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Practical advice



Practical advice

The advice below is offered for your information. It has been developed jointly by all Group employees involved in recruitment (HR and operational staff).

Covering letter

- Summarize points
- Explain why you want to join Imerys and why you are interested in the post offered
- Do not repeat your CV – provide additional information
- Beware of spelling errors… and copying and pasting (another company name in the body of the letter)!


- Again, summarize points
- Keep it simple (colors, fonts, etc.)
- Set out objective and specific elements of your experience enabling us to assess whether your application matches the profile we are looking for (two or three points per experience)
- A photo is not compulsory, but remember to include up-to-date contact details
- Languages and IT skills: state your actual level to avoid making a poor impression later
- Activities outside work: only indicate those you practice regularly

Interview preparation

The recruitment interview is a crucial stage in your job search. Good preparation is therefore vital.
- Before your appointment, find out about our business (from the site, brochures, former employees, etc.)
- Prepare some questions to ask your interviewers at the end of the meetings (demonstrate your interest)
- Dress suitably for the position you are applying for. Favor traditional clothing and be well presented. Be as neutral as possible
- Recruitment interviews are opportunities for exchanging objective information (what is said) as well as subjective information (non-verbal language and attitude). Be aware of this.

We are looking for a match between your profile and the position for which we are recruiting. You will therefore be assessed on your skills, professional expertise and personality

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The induction process

New employees are integrated into Imerys by their businesses through an induction process that focuses on helping new employees confirm their decision to join Imerys.

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